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Posted by Michael Ward on 04/09/2017   Email

My son was in Kirkbymoorside a short while ago taking pictures of gravestones and someone else doing the same mentioned this website. If you are interested, I have details of the Ward family from 1695 to around 1910 and you are more than welcome to a copy for your History Group. This information includes details on a headstone in Kirkbymoorside for the death of Jonathan Ward and his wife Jane Sturdy.

Posted by john dean on 18/07/2017   Email

Herbert Read information updated for you. Please remember in June 2018 50 years anniversary

Posted by Ellen Sager on 24/05/2016   Email

Hi, my ancestors, John Porter and Anne Mercer left Kirkdale after marrying on Dec 22, 1829 in 1831 for Ontario, Canada. They homesteaded just north of Toronto. It appears that many people emigrated from Yorkshire to Ontario. I am just wondering if anyone might have information about why so many emigrated. Also, I believe the Porter's moved around a lot and perhaps were farm labourers. I am wondering if that is what people did in the 1700s and 1800s. Some of the Porters were born in Kirkbymoorside, Kirkdale, Gillamoor, Danby. Many thanks for any information. Ellen

Posted by Louise on 15/08/2015   Email

Apologies for delay in getting the comments on display. Great to hear from our visitors. Watch out for more details on upcoming events!

Posted by Julia christison on 03/08/2015

Thanks for the fun and informative walk around Kirkby last weekend. My family and I really enjoyed finding out more about such a great place.

Posted by Simon J. Crozier on 03/06/2015   Email

I was born in the Police Station flat in Tinley Garth in 1955, moving to the bottom of Queen's Way while still an infant. We lived in the town for the first 7 years of my life as my father was a Police Constable there from around 1953 until we moved to Lastingham and later to Malton. I have just been on a walking tour of Kirkbymoorside, looking up all the places I remembered from my childhood days and finding some I had forgotten about. So many fond memories! I heard about this site when I visited the library but stumbled over it when looking for pictures of the former railway station. I will be back to this site to catch up and perhaps contribute where I can.

Posted by Jim Rivis on 31/05/2015

Congratulations on a great new website !

Posted by Margaret Birkitt on 25/05/2015   Email

i was in the children's hospital at kirbymoorside in1955

Posted by Ellen Porter Sager on 18/05/2015   Email

Hi, I'm coming to visit Kirkby Moorside, Gillamoore, Kirkdale and Danby June 17th and 18th. Researching Porter's but have found there is a connection to Sleightholme's (Joseph and Jane Sanderson's son William married Hannah Porter) and their daughter, Mary Jane married Thomas Walker. Their son, John Walker died in 1955 and his wife Lizzie died in 1940. Does anyone have more information? I'm coming from British Columbia so it is a long distance. Hannah Porter's brother John emigrated to Ontario, Canada and he is my 2nd Great-grandfather. There were a lot of persons from your area that emigrated to just north of Toronto, York County, Ontario. There is a book (History of Toronto and County of York) on the internet of persons who emigrated in the 1800's. It will be great to see where my father's family came from. Ellen

Posted by Harry Dodgson on 22/04/2015   Email

I came across this site accidentally, I had a TB spine and was a patient for a short time in the Kirby Mooreside Hospital, I think about 1934. Finally being transferred to the Marguerite Hepton Hospital at Thorpe Arch where I stayed for eight years. There is a site you may be interested in with many stories written of those years by ex-nurses and patients. This is Best wishes. Harry Dodgson, Australia.

Posted by dave on 07/11/2014 The link above is to a book on line written in 1824 if anybody is interested

Posted by Louise on 05/10/2014

Many thanks to Appleton le Moors Group for your help and support on this one - all the best.

Posted by Jim Hall on 04/10/2014   Email

The site looks great best of luck from all at Appleton le Moors History Group

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