Heritage Lottery Fund - Grant Award

    In 2013 The Kirkbymoorside History Group joined forces with All Saints Church and Kirkbymoorside CP Schoolchildren to work on a project to restore and research some of the gravestones in the local churchyard that were in danger of disappearing. We were one of the first groups to be awarded a Sharing Heritage Grant of £6,600. Sharing Heritage is a new funding programme to help people across the UK explore, conserve and share all aspects of the history and character of their local area. Members of the KHG worked with the community and youngsters to uncover the hidden stories behind the gravestones and find out more about their lives.

    The children came along each week for a month working on cleaning, recording and drawing the gravestones, as well as learning about the role of the church and its residents back in Victorian times.

    After the recording had been done a fantastic team of local builders led by Sid Brackley came and worked tremendously hard in challenging conditions to restore and piece together gravestones, crosses and a table tomb, none of which could have remained in place without urgent attention.

    Every stone presented a new challenge and creative thinking was required as well as a good deal of muscle power. The work done was amazing and a real credit to Ian, Sid, Bob and Andy.

    As well as building work we also restored the cast iron railings around another memorial with the help of local blacksmith Richard Milestone, who managed the delicate task of welding old metal to new, ensuring the survival of the railings for many years to come.

    The project ended on a high with an exhibition of the work done by the children and artefacts used by those who had 'gone before'. Held over two days the display was well received and we had visitors from far and wide, some of whom were descended from those whose stories were told. A booklet produced with the HLF funding gave the visitors a chance to tour the churchyard and see the work for themselves.