What do we do with our time?

    The Kirkbymoorside History Group is very much a working group. We do not have public meetings with speakers, like many other societies and we do not focus on genealogy and publishing research resources. Anyone wishing to look for this kind of group should visit the Ryedale Family History Group, who have a large collection of material aimed at those building their family trees.

    What we focus on is recording people's lives and stories in conjunction with aspects of Kirkby's history. Anyone picking up one of our books will see immediately it does not pretend to be an academic resource. It will however give you a glimpse into the past and allow you to discover all those little pieces of information that bring a subject to life; in essence we try to make them a good read!

    Guided Walks

    We also offer a programme of guided short walks in town and slightly more strenuous ones slightly out of town on request - contact us via the website for more details.

     Next on the List?

    Forgotten Voices - Pt I and Pt II


    Our latest venture is to attempt to digitise our original collection of audio recordings dating back to the 1990s and still in original cassette tape format. These recordings are beginning to warp and distort and are in urgent need of attention. Thanks to a grant from the National Parks Community Fund, the first project has been achieved, that is the initial bulk of the tapes have been transferred onto the computers by local firm - DW Digital Editing.

    The next phase is to work on the very badly distorted tapes which is possible thanks to another grant from North Yorkshire County Council, supported by our representative Councillor Val Arnold. We hope that the whole venture can be completed in time for our next Heritage Day in July 2018!


    The Court Collection

    This collection of material was donated to the group by a local firm and is an amazing find! It contains hundreds of letters, deeds, posters, and indentures. there are court records dating back to the 1700s and they cover the outlying villages of Cropton, Rosedale, Hutton and Spaunton. The donation led to a review of just how to keep this information in town. Without help the records would have had to go away. Thankfully the Two Ridings Community Foundation through the Moss Family Fund has granted us £784 to sift, sort and store these wonderful items of local significance and we will be appealing for local volunteers to help us with this enormous task.

    WORK BEGAN TUESDAY 16TH FEB 11AM NYCC CHURCH HOUSE LIBRARY - Many thanks to the brave souls who came to help us, in spite of the rain, snow and ice.

    We have managed to fill 17 out of the 20 archive boxes bought with the grant from the Moss Family Fund and work has now started on compiling a computer record of the information held. Once finished we hope to put a basic register on the website to act as a guide to the resources kept. In time we hope that an informal research hub can be developed with the NYCC library in Kirkbymoorside for researchers to use.   



    Many thanks to the Two Ridings Community Foundation and the Moss Family Fund whose support made this possible for the town!


    Heritage Lottery Fund - The 1730 Survey Project

    With the help of Kirkbymoorside Primary School, members of the group worked alongside Years 4, 5, 6 as well as the school history club to plot the houses and tenants listed in an early handwritten survey of the town. The children used the written clues to work out exactly where the people lived back in 1730 and made some wonderful models of key buildings to act as anchor points. We had a great time bringing the past to life!





    Finally if there is a project or topic you are interested in and would like to discuss - we are always happy to listen. We love a good story...