The KHG has a number of books which are available to buy directly from the group, If you have any queries please contact us and we will do our best to help. For those living close by, all books are available from Children in Distress or Something Special - both shops are easy to find in the market place, either side of Tinley Garth.

    Latest Publication: Available Now


    Written by Mabel Nixon herself, this booklet captures her early childhood memories of Kirkbymoorside from 1913 onwards. The family came to live in the newly built Duncombe Terrace and her daughter Libby Capstick kindly added a chapter on her mother's later life to give a complete picture of Mabel herself. A4 sizes with photos throughout - £6

    Mustard and Lupins -

    This charming account captures life for local lady Kate Dowson (nee Fletcher), beginning in Rosedale through to the war years in the forests above Cropton before married life begins in Kirkbymoorside.  A4 size -filled with photos and maps - £10 

    Kirkbymoorside War Memorial

    This book lists the names, service history and family details of all the men named on the Kirkbymoorside War Memorial from WWI & WWII. It includes photos and insignia and is a fitting tribute to the men who gave their lives for their families and country when called upon to serve. Limited supply - A4: 76 pages in colour - £15 

    Rider's Brittish Merlin Almanac 1665:

    This fragmented almanac was discovered by builders back in the 1830s when rebuilding an old house. Dating back to the historic year of 1665, this is a charming guide to survival before home remedies and cures were available to many. It takes the reader through the months of the year, with advice on gardening and good health. We have also added a section on the dreaded Black Death, which hit the country the year after this booklet was compiled. A5: 16 pages - £3 

    A Surgeon's Tale

    This is a true gem. Reproduced with kind permission of Alice Barrigan, this is the story of a young surgeon's adventures on board the whaling vessel The Hope of Whitby in 1774. Discovered hidden in an old family bible, the journal had been studied by academics and scientists thanks to the wonderful observations made on the weather conditions. But it is much more than that and this book brings to life the vessel from Whitby to the hostile seas of the Davies Straits. Fully illustrated, this is the first time it has been made available in print. Half the proceeds go to Whitby Literary & Philosophical Society. A4 - £4.

    Nicholas Piper and the Blombergs - Snippets from Kirby Misperton Hall's Past


    Meet some of the fascinating characters who have lived at and become part of the history of Kirby Misperton Hall. From a man with royal connections to a business with a passion for the Far East. This booklet takes you from the 1800s right up to date with images from the original Flamingo Park - A: 16 pages,  £2.50


    "The Boon Hill Brigade - Kirkbymoorside and the Royal Observer Corps"

    This book captures the rapidly disappearing memories linked to the ROC post at Boon Hill, unique for its WWII and 1960s post, existing in good condition. Filled with photos and adventures it is a fascinating read. 24 pages, A5 - £4.50


    "With God's Permission..."

    A new title in co-operation with Gordon Clitheroe from the Beck Isle Museum, Pickering. This book covers a whole range of topics relating to the whaling industry. It includes unseen material from the Piper family, in correspondence with their captain John Kearsley, of the Henrietta in Whitby. 40 pages, A4 - £10.00

    Twixt Corn and Bricks:

    This book covers the histories, stories and events surrounding this forgotten hamlet close to Kirkbymoorside. It takes us through the history of Kirby Mills, meeting residents of both yesterday and today, hearing their memories and adventures. It covers the travelling community who settled here in the 1800s and brings us right up to modern day and the business park which continues to provide employment, albeit in more up-to-date industries. A5 - £10

    A Moorside Minglement:

    This latest book is a collection of six stories which take in various aspects of the town's hidden history. We have the tragic lovers Billie and Marjory whose romance ended in tragedy. There is also the uncovered love letters hidden away from prying parents' eyes, only to be uncovered over 100 years later. The story of a word carved into a boulder on Rudland Moor and the response of the town to Colin Woof's plight and the appeal to bring him home for burial. And then there is Kirkby's painting postman - Fred Maw - whose unique art has only just been appreciated after his death! And finally we discover the story behind the gravestone in All Saints churchyard - in memory of a man from Newcastle...Christopher Bell - £10 - Out of Print - available soon


    Bread and Cheese: 

    This book is a minglement of memories from four residents of Kirkbymoorside. The first is from Harry Ward, who grew up in a farming family in and around Harome. He is still in Kirkbymoorside and has been able to give a fabulous account of his early days working with horses and his adventures during WWII as part of the Home Guard. The group was also fortunate enough to interview Patricia Kew (Pilmoor) shortly after celebrating her 100th birthday. Brought up in Castlegate, she vividly recalls her youth, exploring Manor Vale and picking gale from the beds at Lowna. The third chapter is dedicated to a real character - Rosie Magson(Teasdale) - who died aged 100 this year. She was one of the few people who could recount life in the small community in Rudland and was full of wonderful tales of life on the family farm of Stoneley Woods. The last is a transcript of a recording of a fireside chat between Harry Rickaby and Ivy Sturdy (Blackburn). Their reminisces give a real sense of life in Kirkbymoorside in the early part of the 20th century. - £6 - now available!

    Digging for Yennits:

    How many people have heard about yennits? As known as the poor man's truffles, these form part of the story told by a wonderful lady - affectionately known as Auntie Kath - Kathleen Rickinson (Dowson) - was able to recall so many details of life in Dale End and the town in general, we dedicated an entire book to her recollections. An absorbing tale of life in rural Kirbymoorside, this book was available at the book launch on 3rd December. - £6 - now available!


    The Millers of Kirkbymoorside - The latest book , published in 2014, covers 12 mills in and around Kirkbymoorside, including Gillamoor, Marton, Bransdale, Howkeld, Hold Cauldron, Lowna, Spaunton, Sinnington, Yoadwath as well as Kirkby Mills. It contains some unseen photos of the workings of these unique buildings and tells the stories of the millers, some successful, others not quite so...It also gathers in some fascinating facts about Keldholme Priory Mill and the nuns who lived there. - A5 - £12  


    All Saints Through The Ages - Published in 2012 this book covers not only the early history of the church, but brings it right up to date. It includes the stories and characters involved at All Saints, with chapters on the choir, bell ringers, parish magazines as well as the vicars and the churchyard itself. We have also included two sections written by local residents on the life to the Sunday School and the Petch family, who were very influential in the town as well as the church.  OUT OF PRINT



    Kirkbymoorside Proudly Presents... - Published in 2012 this book is a collection or minglement of histories centred on the Old Toll Booth or Memorial Hall as it is now known. The book includes the story of the Electric Cinema which ran from the 1920s up to 1960. There is the history of Kirkby's Amateur Dramatic Society from its beginning in 1933 until the final curtain in 1963. Ann Wilson has also published two histories on local dance bands and brass bands, both of whom were regular acts in the Memorial Hall. And to close we have included the Horticultural Society who still hosts its annual show today in the hall.  - £10



    Fresh Air On The Verandah - Published in 2013 and launched at the Adela Shaw Reunion, this book brings to a close the project on this special children's hospital. It holds over 60 personal memories, letters and recollections of patients, staff and visitors to Kirkbymoorside's wooden hospital. It is the third in the series of work on this topic. -  £10



    Smile... - Published in August 2010 this book is a collection of over 220 photos, snippets and information which came into the group following the printing of the first book on the history of the Yorkshire Children's Orthopaedic Hospital, later to become the Adela Shaw Hospital. It captures the time and mood of this world in a way that words alone cannot. -  £6

    Adela Shaw and The Yorkshire Children's Orthopaedic Hospital - Published in early 2010 this is the first book on the children's hospital in Kirkbymoorside. It tells the history of the project from its beginnings in 1924 up to its closure in 1970. We discover the trials and triumphs of those involved and just how much care and commitment came from staff and supporters. It contains some of the key characters such as Adela Shaw, Major Sir Robert Bower, Dr Crockatt and Godfrey Woof, as well was the matrons who ran the wards. - £6

    Boot Polish and Blanco - Published in 2013,this book will appeal to all those who have experienced National Service or anyone wanting to find out what life was like for those who served. Rob Butler spent two years with the 7th Infantry Workshop, Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers, starting with his training at Langdon, Essex before being sent to first Malta, Cyprus and then Egypt in 1951. SOLD OUT