There are often small pieces of information or photos which come our way that don't fit into any particular category or are out of our area. We never refuse items of interest and this page will be the place to highlight them.

    This old indenture was carefully recycled and used as a cover for the Register of Court Rolls for Helmsley and Kirby. When studied closely, it relates to the water mill at Lealholme and a property called Barnford House, being used at the time as a 'publick house'. Anyone know where this is today?


    Indenture to Stable, Hayloft and Middingstead situated in Callender Street, Blackburn leased from Thomas Harrison of Kirby Moorside, Yorkshire a Surgeon & Apothecary and Thomas Harwood of Kirby Moorside, Gentleman to Ralph Latus & Peter Ellingworth Cotton Manufacturers in Blackburn

    Steam Giants visit Kirkby en route to the Steam Fair in Pickering

                                                        Opening of Wrelton Chapel 

    This information was found inscribed on the inside cover of a very badly damaged bible which went through the local auction rooms recently:

    This church was Thursday October 7th 1897 - 3pm by Mrs Walter Pearson of Helmsley to whom the key was handed by Mrs Robert Harland. Sermon by Rev T T Lambert, overflow service in old chapel, sermon by Rev W Modson Smith. At night 2 public meetings; Mr J.M. Gibson of Scarboro, Rev. W G White, Rev. C. Whitfield, Councillor Shafto, Ed. Taylor, Councillor Mansfield and others took part. Oct 8th Double, Rev. Jno Jackson ( a native of Lastingham). Oct 17 Rev. Wigley Haughton. "Double" Oct 24th 2 pm Mr T W Garnet of Nawton. 500 had tea at opening services. Old Chapel mentioned in a guide book April 1839. First Official Methodist service July 12th 1817 at 14.30 - preacher Mr Humble.

    Feb. 16 1952 the key returned to the Society Steward by Mrs Clipston (Mrs Pearson's daughter) 

    In another bible the following had been pasted into the front: